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Yo, what is up my 4Runner homies!

As you know, we provide some pretty epic things around these parts, T-Shirts, Stickers, Patches that make you drive faster, among other cool hand-crafted goods. If for some reason you have a question about one of these things, you should probably use the form below. If however, you have questions about Mods for your 4Runner, you should use the form found on It is only there where you will attain the advice you have been looking for.

Anyway, thanks for shopping on the Trail4R store and in all seriousness please use the form below for any questions regarding the products we sell. Some of your questions like shipping and returns may be found on our terms page so try that page first before hitting that submit button below. We are probably in the middle of writing a blog post on so if you can do some research to find the answer on your own, that would be super rad.

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